16th of November - Few photos from our last photo session.

What do you think, are they good?

28th of October 2020 - We got photos of our litters. We are pleased to stay in contact with new owners. Thank you!

Frenkie Luckykay RU, Forest Luckykay RU , Golden Grace Luckykay BH, A´My Princess Mia Luckykay BH, Gaga Lady Luckykay TR , High Princess Luckykay TR.


27th of September 2020 -

We would like to introduce you our new hopes. BH Tori Crystals Annabelle (Anička) 12 months.

Parents: Bryan Salika Soul x Like Silk Beze. We brought Anička from the Ufa in Russia.


TR girl Bardora Xena (Xena) 10 months.

Parents: Bardora Abraxas x Cattleya Dowiana Baltic Intrigue. She came to us from Poland.


Both girls have wonderful pedigrees.


23th of August 2020 - AlL puppies of litters G and H have found their new homes! We wish them long and happy life full of joy.

17th July 2020 - We have puppies.


Litter "G" born on 17.6. 2020 - 7 puppies. 1 TR male, 3 BH males, 2 TR females and 1 BH female (Parents: Caspian Finn z Královských mlýnů and Pretty Star Sylena ) ALL PUPPIES ARE BOOKED


Litter " H " born on 24.6. 2020 - 2 puppies. 1 TR female and 1 BH female  (Parents: GEREMMAYO Tricyrtis and Celtic Princess Sylena) Both females are booked.

10th July 2020 - Puppies "F" are already in their new homes. We wish tham awesome and happy life with their new owners and strong health!

26th April 2020 8 beautiful Ru puppies were born! Litter " F " - 6 males a 2 females. Puppies are full of life and mother Kafi takes perfect care of them. All puppies are already booked.

3.2. 2020 -  Our Jena (Damien Dee Luckykay) on Sunday 2nd February on DUO CACIB in Brno gained his last CAJC for JUNIOR CHAMPION.


Our Girls Princi, Emma and Kafi have another health tests done!

  Celtic Princess Sylena - MVD - heart - January 2020 - NEGATIVE

  Pretty Star Sylena - MVD - heart - January 2020 - NEGATIVE

  Curley Sue vom Erlenbacher-Hemmerich - MVD - heart - January 2020 - NEGATIVE


Bugi (Boogie Bel Luckykay) was on Syringomyelia test

at vet clinic JAGGY in Brno and gained from MVDr. Aleš Tomek DipECVN certificate.

Scan MRI - Oc no PSOM - negative




Jena (Damien Dee Luckykay) have DNA health tests done - and results are fantastic !!

CCS -  N/N - clear,  EF - N/N - clear,  DM - Degenerative myelopatia - N/N - clear,  Musle dystrofia - clear, does not carry the causal mutation CKSC-MD in dystrophin!! We are so happy!



5. 12. 2019 - We have news from our puppies new families! Ruby pretty Ciala Cavi (Charlot) lives with her new big family on Florida. Blenheim wild girl Emma Ell (Mozy) found her new home at Phillipines, where she has loving family and cavalier TR friend. Both girls have a really good time and make them owners very happy.

29. 7. 2019 - Princessess from litter "E" already have their beloved femilies. We wish them beautiful and long life!


!! Next puppies in all colours we plan on spring 2020 !!


22. 7. 2019 - Our girls from litter "E" in 8 weeks. Electra Ell, Emma Ell, Ellinor Ell.  Parents (Váňa) Sagenhaft Glintvein and (Ema) Pretty Star Sylena.

15. 5. 2019 our Pretty Star Sylena (Emma) had born 3 beautiful princesses! Girls are doing great and are already booked.

28.12.2018 - Our Vana (Sagenhaft Glintvein) participated on TOP Junior Cavalier CZ 2018 and he gained 4th place! We are very proud!

29.10.2018 - 7 handsome puppies are born! - 5 males a 2 females.

26.9.2018 - We are so happy! Our Kafi is pregnant!!! We expect puppies at the beginning of November.

19.8.2018: World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018

Speciality breed show for Cavalier King charles Spaniel Amsterdam
Sagenhaft Glintvein
- Váňa  (Royal Romance Bring Me Sunshine x Sagenhaft Brigantiya Labbert) in interm.class - EXC. 3/4

Boogie Bel Luckykay (Crazy Angel Maradeco King x Pretty Star Sylena) in junior class - EXC. /10


Judge: Mr. Boris Chapiro (F)



DUO CACIB Brno - 3. - 4.2. 2018:

3.2. JCH. Sagenhaft Glintvein (Vánička) - Junior Class - Exc.1/ 7, CAJC, BOJ + nomination for CRUFTS 2019

4.2. JCH. Sagenhaft Glintvein (Vánička) - Junior Class - Exc.4/7

Our Vana attended his first international dog show and he did very well:


CACIB Plovdiv 19 - 21.1. 2018 Bulharsko

JCH. Sagenhaft Glintvein (Váňa) - junior class - 3 x CAJC. Champion of Bulgaria!!!


We've got puppies!

  • Litter B - 3.11.2017 - 3 females and 2 males
  • Litter C - 4.11.2017 - 3 females

Kafi and Ema are pregnant!

All puppies from litter A already have their new owners.

!!! We have puppies !!!

1 TR female, 1 BH female a 1 BH male.


Mother: Multich. Celtic Princes Sylena


In August we plan to mate our female Pretty Star Sylena with foreign dog. In September this year we also plan to mate our RU female Curley Sue v.E.H., with our imported BT dog George from Rabymar Magic Baccara.

It is pleasure to say, that our Princi is pregnant! We are so happy. Puppies should be born about 14th July. Father of puppies is Joko Royal Romance Baxxter. More info about father here.

NDS Ostrava 9.04.2017 - Judge Vondrous Otakar (CZ)


Grand.Ch.Ch.J.Ch, Celtic Princess Sylena - champ.class-Exc.1,CAC

!!! New Grand Champion Czech Republic !!!


Ch.JCh. Pretty Star Sylena - interm.class - Exc. 3


Show in Serbia 6. - 7. 5. 2017

Grand.Ch.Ch.JCh. Pretty Star Sylena

NDS - Exc1, CAC,

Club show - Exc1, CAC, KV, BOB

IDS - Exc1, CAC, res.CACIB

New Champion and Grand Champion of Serbia !!!


Ch.JCh. George from Rabymar Magic Baccara

NDS - Exc 1, CAC

Club show - Exc 1, CAC

IDS - Exc 1, CAC, res. CACIB

New Champion of Serbia !!!


Multi Ch. Celtic Princess Sylena

IDS - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!

She has met the eligibility criteria C.I.B.


We would like to introduce you new team-member, Ch. George from Rabymar Magic Baccara (George), born 3.6.2012. He is really happy, sympatic and nice dog! He is acting like home from the first day with us. He seems to be perfect friend for our girls. Thank you very much, Claudia Hänsch for such an awesome dog! We are really glad to have him home !!

CACIB Belgrade 2017 Serbia

!!! New Grand Champion of Serbia !!!

Grand.Ch, Ch, JCh. Celtic Princess Sylena - champion class - Exc 1, CAC, res. CACIB



Fehova Winter show CACIB Budapest 2017

GrandCh, Ch, JCh, Celtic Princess Sylena

!!! New Grand Champion of Hungary !!!

16.2. EXC. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

17.2. EXC. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

18.2. EXC. 1, CAC

19.2. EXC. 1, CAC, res.CACIB



19.2.2017 National Dog Show Bratislava

Ch, JCh, Curley Sue v.Erlenbacher-Hemmerich - open.cl.- EXC 1, CAC


XII.Hanácká Národní výstava psů - 8.1.2017:

Ch. JCh. Celtic Princess Sylena - champion class:

  • Exc.1/3, CAC, NV


Ch. JCh. Curley Sue v.Erlenbacher-Hemmerich - champion class:

  • Exc. 1, CAC


Both - Kafi and Princi are now champions of the Czech republic!

In spring 2017 we plan our first litter - TR and BH puppies.  Mother is TR CH, JCH, Celtic Princess Sylena (Princi). In autumn 2017 we plan a litter of RU and BT puppies - mother CH, JCH, Curley Sun vom Erlenbacher-Hemmerich (Kafi).

Our youngest Ema took a part at dog show in Bularia and did very well!


3x CACIB Sofia (BG) 20.-22.1.2017:

J CH. Pretty Star Sylena:

  • 20.1.2017, judg.Radoslav Stoynov (BG):   interm.cl. Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!
  • 21.1.2017, judg. Antonio Mracevic (Montenegro):   interm.cl, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!
  • 22.1.2017,judg. Georgi Hristozov (BG):   interm.cl. Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!


New Champion of Bulgaria, Grand Champion Bulgaria !!!



DUO CACIB NITRA 14. - 15.01.2017:

Ch. JCh. Celtic Princess Sylena - champion class:

  • Exc.1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • Exc.1/2 ,CAC, res.CACIB
  • Princi has completed the champion of Slovakia!


Ch. JCh. Curley Sue v.Erlenbacher-Hemmerich - interm.class:

  • Exc. 2/3 res.CAC
  • Exc. 2/3 res.CAC

CACIB Bijelo Polje , CACIB Pljevlja 19.-20.11.2016 Montenegro:

CH, JCH. Curley Sue v.Erlenbacher-Hemmerich, interm.class:

  • Exc. 1, CAC
  • Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB


Kafi completed the champion of Montenegro!


DUO CACIB NITRA 4.12.2016:

CH. JCH. Curley Sue v.Erlenbacher-Hemmerich (Kafi):

  • interm.class, EXC.1/5, CAC


CH. JCH. Celtic Princess Sylena (Princi):

  • champion class, EXC 1/3, CAC, CACIB

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