This ruby pretty boys has been born to our Kafi and Vana. Jena, as we call him, is nice and curious from his father and handsome from his mother. He his very temperamented and happy boy. Jena is very self confident and really handsome. He has great dark pigment on his nose, eyes and rich coat. He is very succesful in show field.


  • Junior Grand Champion Macedonia
  • Junior Champion Macedonia
  • Junior Champion Balcan
  • Junior Champion Romania
  • Junior Champion Czech Reepublic
  • 6x BOJ, 1x BOB, Crufts 2020 Qualification



Date of birth:

29. 10. 2018


Health tests:

  • EF - free
  • CC- free
  • DM - N/N (clear)
  • patella 0/0
  • heart MVD - 8/20- clear
  • eyes DOV - clear
  • SCAN MRI - Oc no PSOM - clear
  • Muscle dystrofia - clear (does not carry the causal mutation CKSC-MD)